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Documentary & Photojournalism 


Fernanda Rocha is an independent photographer originally from Argentina and currently based in Italy.

She is member of Women Photograph, The Journal Collective and Diversity Photo. 

She has a degree in Social Communication from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina) and she has attended various courses and workshops related to Photography in Argentina, Dominican Republic and Spain. In 2022 she finished her studies in Photojournalism at ARGRA (Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos de Argentina).

Since 2019 she lives in Italy where she has been working as commercial photographer (commercial web) while she develops projects as documentary photographer with special emphasis on issues related to her personal intimacy, motherhood, women identity, migration, culture and environment.


2023-Featured Artist Visions of Motherhood from The Luupe. 

2022-Photojournalism, ARGRA (Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos de Argentina), virtual mode.

2021-Participation in a fanzine featuring photographs from women's protests in different parts of the globe. Community project in occasion of International Women’s Day (Initiative from FemLens).

2020-Photojournalism in Freelance Era, ARGRA (Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos de Argentina), virtual mode.

2017- Photographer in TedX Talks (Córdoba, Argentina)

2017- Portrait Photography Workshop (Córdoba, Argentina)

2017- Workshop with Steve McCurry (Santo Domingo, República Dominicana)

2017- Collective Exhibition “Miradas Cotidianas”, Everyday Dominican Republic/The Everyday Projects (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

2017- Collective Exhibition “On the Road”, Germinador de Fotógrafos (Córdoba, Argentina)

2016- Food Styling and Gastronomy Photography (Barcelona, Spain)

2016- Flash Workshop, Catalá- Roca, Espai de Fotografía (Barcelona, Spain)

2015- Collective Exhibition “Emergente, una mirada sobre America Latina”, Contact Photo (Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, Argentina)

2006- Degree in Social Communication, University of Córdoba (Córdoba, Argentina)

2005- Photojournalism Workshop, University of Córdoba (Córdoba, Argentina)


Spanish, English, Italian


 +39 370 3753880

Based in ITALY. Available for assignments worldwide.

Whatsapp +39 370 3753880

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